Rollin’ Thunder: The One-Stop Poetry Shop

28 07 2004

It seems that I am not the only one to have noticed the turn blogs have taken toward literature. I figured there had to be some poetry blogs out there, and just as I was getting around to trying to find them, along comes an email from one ‘cafe rg’ who operates a blog called ‘Rollin’ Thunder’ that’s essentially a clearinghouse for poetry and discussion about same.

The entries are a mix of notices (‘Hire a Free Poet!’), poetry challenges, quotes (many of them about poetry: ‘You can tear a poem apart to see what makes it tick… You’re back with the mystery of having been moved by words. The best craftsmanship always leaves holes and gaps… so that something that is not in the poem can creep, crawl, flash or thunder in. ~Dylan Thomas’), and discussions about poetry (‘Does Technology “make us” more creative?’).

There are also links to other cafe rg sites like ‘SplashHall Poetry”, a BBS specifically for poets, and the ‘Poet’s Cafe’, which features live poetry readings as well as chat boards, workshops, even an electronic chapbook. If I were a poet–which I’m not, I admit–this is obviously the place I’d hang out. It’s like an online version of City Lights–the only thing missing is the coffee. And Ferlinghetti, of course. Otherwise, it looks lively and fun.




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28 07 2004

You’re a gentleman and scholar, Mick, what a pleasant suprise to wake up to this morning. All the credit and inspiration for SplashHall Poetry and Rollin Thunder go to our Poetry Director Witt, our Senior SplashHost Honestly, Lady Sunshine, Elise, WordWeaver, Mydnight and Rollin Thunder co-editors Witt, Michael and George. Did I mention all the wonderful Splash Members that make our humble poetry community illuminate with creativity?

Hats Off to You, Mick!


28 07 2004

Thank you for the kind words about the blog and SplashHall Poetry. I only write an article every now and then for the blog, but when that Rollin’ Thunder hits me, I just have to express myself.
The diversity of the SplashHall Poetry group is amazing. They are an eclectic group that also makes contributions to “Rollin’ Thunder”. I hope that you and your readers will stop by often and listen to the roar.

28 07 2004
Lady SunShine

Thank-you for visiting and all the wonderful words, Here’s a big Splashy Welcome :), enjoy swimming through all the exciting things we offer and share.

28 07 2004

Thank you for your kind comments on Rollin Thunder and Splash We would welcome you to come and explore them both and hopefully enjoy them as much as we do posting to them.


27 04 2010

I have to check out some of those sites that you mentioned. I am a poet and find the online resources and blogging beautiful, just hoping that it does not become over saturated with folks who ar e not REALLY about the love of the art. Thanks for those tidbits of info though.

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