About LitBlogs

LitBlogs began when I ran into Dan Roentsche’s The Lumpenblog, the philosofairy’s Mermaid Tavern, and Fafblog! in the same week (links on the sidebar). Dan’s blog was outright fictional, the first attempt I’d seen to write a novel in blog form. The other two used fictional characters to talk about real issues.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out there was something going on here.

So I set myself the task of finding out what it was. Along the way I found some remarkable writing, especially comic writing, and unique journals that were fun to read and to look at. I also discovered that there were quite a number of literary pastiches, send-ups, mock-ups, and faux historical/ahistorical impersonations – including one of God Himself – littering the blogoverse. People were using blogs in ways they were never meant to be used – as vehicles for literary endeavors.

Dan’s is still the only true blognovel I know of, but there are poetry blogs, photography blogs, art blogs, and sculpture blogs. There are blogs pretending to feature from-beyond-the-grave musings of everybody from Will Shakespeare to Jesus. There are journals so well-written they put most newspaper columns to shame. There’s everything except drama/film script blogs – dialogue seems to be the one and only literary art form nobody’s figured out how to put in blog form.

LitBlogs is basically what I find on my search that I think is outstanding. It’s my idea of sharing. If there’s something you think should be included here, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to look – even if it’s your own.



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